Crossing borders

The attorneys at Polak & Partners were trained in Austria and further afield. Pooling practical experience from San Francisco, New York, Paris, London, Munich, Tokyo, Belgrade and Rome, our experts form the core of a modern, service-orientated, cosmopolitan and multicultural law firm. Going the extra mile is standard procedure. The law firm conducts correspondence in German, English, French, Czech, Russian, Slovak, Spanish.


Seamless cooperation and efficiency when handling international transactions are central to our success. Our clients are supported by a global network of premium cooperation partners, which has been developed and maintained over many years. Trust and mutual understanding following countless transactions completed together are at the core of our international success, which we continuously strive to develop further and which enables us to provide tailored solutions for every client both within and beyond the borders of Austria – from the smallest of clients to the very biggest. We are a member of leading international associations, to which only the elite of each represented country belong, such as  Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW)The European Energy Law Group and Legalink. Matching the competences of our partners with the needs of our clients, while dedicating our resources and expertise to achieving technically top quality and economic solutions, is central to the service of Polak & Partner Attorneys-at-Law – and it is the reason why our partners select Polak & Partners for their clients in Austria.