A changing field of action: how we adapt to stay reliable.

We see it as a constant challenge to keep restructuring ourselves as an organization. We are a large firm with the qualities of a small one. We are international. We are the (not so) small among the mighty. We think economically and show courage in finding solutions. We are modern service providers with traditional virtues, and see our clients as our partners.
In international business law each case requires a customized team of specialists. Integrating their strengths and competencies in an optimum way is the main service of Fiebinger Polak & Partners. All of our clients get their own reliable partner they can fully count on. The expert teams are in the background but always on hand when needed. This calls for great flexibility on the part of our high-profile attorneys and a willingness to embark upon new trails without drifting too far afield. It requires a capability to change based on principles such as confidentiality and loyalty. Our ability to respond to societal change quickly, with the right strategy and verve, and to fulfill our clients’ wishes, is confirmed by a growing list of prominent clients.


Crossing borders

Polak & Partners is one of the leading law firms in international transactions. Its primary focus centres on domestic and international transactions, as well as complex litigation. The firm regularly supports leading Austrian organisations in the domestic market and multinational companies in Austria and Eastern Europe, whilst also advising leading Austrian companies on their long-term projects abroad. 

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Polak & Partners offices in Vienna are a reflection of the firm's high esteem for traditional values blended with modern sophisticated services:
Polak & Partners occupies a modern penthouse on an old Viennese palais. Located in the heart of Vienna it offers the most advanced information technologies, access to global information sources and a spectacular 360° view over Vienna.