Art Law

Travelling the world in climate-controlled crates is a luxury reserved for only the most sought-after hares. Admittedly, they are dead, but they are insured up to their ears – for if even a single hair is out of place, things get expensive. Customs and art authorities track their movements, as museums, collectors and gallery owners are hot on their heels. Catching such rarities is no mean feat, for they are almost exclusively inherited, auctioned or loaned. Merely publishing a photo of a copy may see you in court. These hares need specialists who understand the world of art, to follow them across the globe, protect their rights and keep them safe from hunters.

Our firm’s affinity for art is reflected in our legal experts as well as on our office walls.

Corporate Law / Mergers & Acquisitions

Be it friendly or hostile, an acquisition can prove to be a messy business. Even mergers can make waves that gradually erode what are believed to be reinforced foundations. Therefore we come suitably equipped to take care of corporate constructions. Once the groundwork has been laid and the finer details applied, the pen may finally be drawn to seal the deal.

We provide solid advice in all aspects related to corporate law and in transactions. At home and abroad. From the start-up to going public, from corporate & project finance to M&A and financing.

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Long gone are the days of fighting to suppress an itchy trigger finger when dealing with the competition. When undertaken correctly competition law revolves around preparation to ensure that no nasty surprises are lurking around the corner. Go in all guns blazing and you’ll only end up shooting yourself in the foot.

We offer advice on a European scale on all subtleties of competition and antitrust law. Registration and control of fusions, verification of transactions and settlement of disputes are among our core activities.

Litigation and Arbitration

Lady Justice cannot tell apples from oranges as she is blind. We are not. Our eyes are permanently peeled to discern the finest of details. With foresight and finesse, prudence and precision, we litigate to tip the scales in your favour.

We are conditioned to fight and do not shy away from disputes, but we nonetheless always keep an eye on the economic outcome. We regularly take action for our clients in complex litigation, arbitration and court proceedings. We are regularly summoned as arbitrators in the ICC, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, and in ad-hoc arbitration proceedings at home and abroad.

Energy Law

Electricity is no longer simply available at the flip of a switch. The increasingly complex legal landscape in which suppliers must operate has become as volatile as the product itself. Gas is equally affected by the constant winds of change. Our team of bright sparks conducts itself efficiently and effectively to insulate you from unexpected shocks. Put simply: we invest our energy into ensuring you don’t waste yours.

As a member of the international expert network Energy Law Group ( we rank top in the field of liberalised infrastructure, particularly in the gas and power sector. We advise on all aspects of energy law, both in the regulatory sector and international M&A, competitive law and lobbying.

Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical Law

Modern healthcare is susceptible to an overdose of regulation. Such constraints can restrict flexibility, stunt growth and even damage your company’s health. At the very least, the side effects can leave you with a seemingly unshakeable headache. Over-the-counter remedies in such cases are of little use. If you are suffering from pharmaceutical/medical devices-related fatigue, make sure you consult a specialist who can write you a prescription you can trust.

We advise national and international pharmaceutical/medical devices corporations on all areas, particularly in proceedings related to the approval of listed drugs/CE-conformity as well as reimbursement schemes, regulatory issues, patent law, product liability, competition/unfair trade law, anti-bribery rules, contract law and data protection.

Head of Department:

Banking and Capital Market Law

The banking sector’s reputation has been dragged through the mud, leaving the traditional, innocent image of the trusty piggy bank tarnished. When every move in every field is subjected to close scrutiny, you’ll need the most experienced specialists on your side. Go it alone, and you may soon find yourself next up on the butcher’s block.

We offer permanent legal representation for multinational and Austrian banks in all aspects of bank and capital market law, including private banking, bank supervision laws, securities services, going public, company takeovers and financing.

Head of Department:

Real Estate and Building Law

When the market is in danger of collapsing, only a lawyer can help. Solid foundations are only part of the game. Without flexibility cracks may well begin to appear. Our real estate specialists provide the legal support required to keep your walls standing strong, while those around you begin to wobble.

Our real estate and building law department advises and represents developers, industries, architects and individuals on matters from development and project planning to construction. Their extensive experience with shopping centers, theme parks, airports and real estate investments makes them a highly competent partner, with further knowledge related to tenant law and real estate rights.

Intellectual Property

Leading the life of a pirate has long lost its glamour. Brands now rule the waves, yet they must be protected from cheap imitations, which more often than not merely leave a bad taste in the mouth. We are here to fight for your rights. After all, it’s not only what’s in the can that counts.

We regularly advise clients on all matters pertaining to intellectual property and copyright, patent proceedings and combating product piracy. Protecting our clients from unfair competition practices is also one of our core activities.

Employment Law

A well-oiled machine can pack up at a moment´s notice, while even the most reliable of workers can down tools at any time. In such cases, disruption to normal operations must be kept to a minimum. That´s where our technicians come in with a precision repair kit featuring prudence, consideration and expertise to ensure your business is restored to full working order.

Our specialists advise and represent service providers and management in settlements in and out of court, in collective and labour law matters.

Infrastructure & Public Procurement Law

Having the right connections is crucial. Without directions you’ll lose your way. When the light at the end of the tunnel is obscured by slow-moving traffic your journey may begin to seem wasted. Yet with a reliable passenger by your side to guide you through a labyrinth littered with procedures, policies and penalties, you’ll make the right turns to stay on track and reach your destination safely.

We offer our expertise on public procurement to businesses and institutions compiling tender documents and carrying out tender procedures, and assist bidders in making an offer and evaluating the options for legal protection. We represent their interests in creating and managing infrastructure and construction, such as roads, power lines, power plants, shopping centers, golf courses and hospitals.