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Get fit becoming a lawyer! Fiebinger Polak Leon Attorneys-at-Law give the next generation of legal talent hints and tips in finding their path towards a successful legal career.

Vienna, 2nd April 2012 – Around 300 associates and students accepted the invitation from Fiebinger Polak Leon Attorneys-at-Law to attend a spectacular multimedia presentation on the bar exam on Wednesday evening.

The topics of just how important time management is and how effective organised preparation ahead of the exam can be in lessening the sense of dread were presented by Dr. Robin Lumsden and Dr. Martin Brenner (Brenner & Klemm Rechtsanwälte) on Wednesday evening to an interested audience at Juridicum Wien. The authors of the book “Praxisleitfaden zur erfolgreichen Anwaltsprüfung”, the second edition of which has just been published by Lexis Nexis, passed their bar exams together in 2008, and from the very beginning of their talk they therefore underlined the importance of selecting the right exam partner.

Subsequently the process of the exam itself was explained, as was a timeline, which illustrated how one can commence with optimal preparations for the big day twelve months in advance. Finding the correct approach to learning and getting to know the board of exam-iners in good time are both fundamental aspects of preparation, but most of all the selection of a law firm that takes the task of training seriously is crucial.

“With the right and well-scheduled preparation anyone can pass the bar exam. Martin Brenner and I passed the exam together and we documented our experience in our book. We now see it as our duty to pass this experience on to the next generation of prospective lawyers and train our young colleagues as best we can for a successful legal career,” said Robin Lumsden.

Upon conclusion of the presentation, attendees had the chance to participate in a relaxed exchange with colleagues and the two speakers.