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NO COURT! Fiebinger Polak Leon Attorneys-at-Law, Wolf Theiss and the Anwaltliche Vereinigung für Mediation invite legal and economic representatives to an information evening about alternative dispute resolution concepts at Justizcafe.

Vienna, 15th November 2010 – On Thursday evening Viennese corporate law firm Fiebinger Polak Leon Attorneys-at-Law, Wolf Theiss and the Anwaltlichen Vereinigung für Mediation held a podium discussion addressing the question “Collaborative Law and Mediation – suitable instruments for solving disputes in commercial law?”

The economic sector is witnessing a trend of long-term business relations coming to an abrupt end as a result of legal disputes. The outcome of the dispute is often irrelevant, leading to long-standing business partners going separate ways. To avoid the disadvantages of such a legal dispute and the decision of a legal authority, as well as find a solution and restore relations between the parties, extrajudicial dispute resolution methods have been developed, such as mediation and collaborative law, the latter of which is a concept new to Europe.

Both of these alternative dispute resolution methods often offer parties decisive advantages, such as shortening the duration of the case, making the risk easier to estimate, and facilitating negotiations that address the interests and needs of the parties involved.

 Around 60 guests, including highly-ranked representatives from the worlds of law and economics, attended the event at Justizcafé, which is located on the roof of the law courts. Following a brief introduction to the topic by Christoph Leon (Fiebinger Polak Leon Attorneys-at-Law) and Bettina Knötzl (Wolf Theiss), Michael Czinglar (AVM) took the reins to moderate a podium discussion with active participation from the audience.

“We are convinced that extrajudicial dispute resolution concepts will also become widely used in the economic sector in the coming years. It is now our goal to increase the awareness of methods such as mediation and collaborative law in Austria and demonstrate their potential in the economic sector. The active interest in our event goes to show that we are certainly heading in the right direction,” said experts Bettina Knötzl, Christoph Leon and Michael Czinglar.